BiciSport Nowra TTT - Team Start Times announced

BiciSport Nowra TTT team start times & team parking locations are - 

Getting There - Start Finish is approximately a 15 minute drive from Nowra city at the Nowra Airport on Braidwood Rd. You will turn left off Braidwood Rd into Nowra Airport (Wugan Street), then go 200m and turn right into Garadi Street.

BiciSport Meet Up - Mike O'Reilly will be in Garadi Street from 9.30am and you can contact Mike on 0417 403 244 to meet up in Garadi Street. You need to be in Garadi St and find Mike no later than 90 minutes before your team start time. Bring your CyclingNSW licence.

BiciSport Teams Start Times -

**  11-03am - Browne, Mills, Wright, Tierney

**  12-10pm - Beams, Edwards, Kee, Mildren

**  12.40pm - Grainger, Lawson, Verhoeven, Westbrook

**  1.04pm - Benjamin, Flanagan, Strapp, Tierney

**  1.28pm - Edwards, Groen, Mildren

**  1.54pm - Cockerton, Colantonio, Thornton, Zumbo

**  3.04pm - Brown, Curgenven, Edmonds, Walsh

**  3.20pm - Campbell, Cocks, Green, O'Brien