News Shorts 21 March 2016

Bici Member News This Week

Gio Pilu and the Pilu Squadra were sighted leading the peloton out of Bobbin Head during the Bobbin Head Classic Cyclosportive. The organisation & traffic management appeared to be at a very high level with an event strongly supported by the cycling community.

Training Rides This Week

*  22 March - Piemonte Café carpark 8am, John Crouchley at DGV from 12noon

23 March - John Crouchley at DGV from 3pm (Melbourne Masters Squad) 

*  24 March - Centennial Park 11am

*  27 March - M7 Bike Path - 7.30am fro M& Bikepath (contact 0417 403 244)

*  25 & 28 March (Mon) - Piemonte Café Carpark 8am

Racing This Week

*  25 March - HART (St Ives) at 7am

*  27 March - Waratah Masters (Dragway)

*  28 March (Mon) - Waratah Masters (Eric Mather Trophy) 

Alex Simmons - A New Bellingen Resident

Long time BiciSport coach Alex Simmons has recently moved to the rural landscapes of Bellingen on the NSW North Coast. Alex is to remain a BiciSport member & coach and will assist at the Nowra TTT in July. Alex will also continue the aero testing program at both DGV and DISC in Melbourne. Alex is looking forward to hosting a BiciSport training camp at Bellingen in September2016 (details to follow)

Alex & John Crouchley at the new Bellingen residence  

Alex & John Crouchley at the new Bellingen residence  

Dulwich Hill Classic Bike Show

Held at Tempe Velodrome on Saturday 19 March the Classic Bike Show was a great success. Good crowds and excellent retro equipment of all shapes & sizes. Steel is real and certainly carbon was in short supply.

Classic English Holdsworth in the famous orange/blue with plenty of chrome

Mazda ... version 1963

Mazda ... version 1963