BiciSport was established in 1995 and has a proud record of achievement in many cycling disciplines, in particular with elite and masters road & track racing.

The name and the logo were drawn from the leading Italian cycle racing magazine of the same name ... the title BiciSport simply means `bikesport` in Italian. 

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Our Mission

BiciSport supports and fosters riding and racing opportunities for all its members with an emphasis on developing a spirit of camaraderie and to enjoy the sport of cycling in general.


For all enquiries, please contact Mike O'Reilly :
m: 0417 403 244

Team Principal - Mike O'Reilly

Management Team (effective from 17 Dec 16) - Ian Grainger (President), Mike O'Reilly (Vice President/Handicapper), Brett Tarlington (Treasurer), Cleo Higgins (Secretary), Alex Simmons plus two management team vacancies. 

CyclingNSW AGM (Delegates) - The AGM is held in May each year at the Bankstown Sports Club - BiciSport delegates are John & Louise Crouchley  

BiciSport AGM & Constitution - BiciSport operates under the NSW Fair Trading model constitution (dated 2010) for incorporated bodies. The BiciSport AGM was last held on Saturday 17 December 2016 at Freshwater. 

BiciSport Team Time Trial Policies - BiciSport's primary role (as a Club) is to organise both Road Teams Time Trial teams and Track Teams Pursuit teams for its club members.

For many years (to facilitate this team strategy) the club appointed a Team Coach for that respective Championship, and the Team Coach was also the sole Team Selector. These combined roles were previously undertaken by Alex Simmons, Katie Brown (up to July 2016) and John Crouchley at present. 

From July 2016 the Team Coaching role is being undertaken by John Crouchley and the Team Selector role is being undertaken by Mike O'Reilly. Consistent with this approach there is an obligation on the rider to firstly nominate for a team, attend team training sessions & develop a positive relationship with the Team Coach.     


Mike O`Reilly has been involved with cyclesport since 1967, and was the secretary of the Northern Sydney Cycling Club (now Northern Sydney Cycling Club) from 1982 until 1995 (when BiciSport was established).

Mike has managed several teams at the China Tour in Hong Kong, the Commonwealth Bank Cycle Classic and the Herald SunTour, and numerous BiciSport club teams to domestic events such as the Womens Tour de Snowy. 

Mike has held several administrative roles including CyclingNSW Director (twice), Chairman of the CyclingNSW Masters Commission, a member of the Cycling Australia National Masters Commission and Race Director to numerous NSW and National Championships since 2005. Aditionally Mike was the Chairman of the cycling committee for the World Masters Games 2009 in Sydney, Chairman of the CyclingNSW Competitions Commission and a member of the organising committee for the 2011 National Masters Road Championships in Ballarat. Mike has organised a total of six National Masters Road Championships (at Somersby, Goulburn, Ballarat & Griffith) and the Bowral Classic CycloSportive 2016 (as Ride Director). Mike was the CyclingNSW State Handicapper from May 2015 until August 2017. Mike received UCI Race Convoy Driver accreditation in January 2017 for the Cadel Evans Road Race. 

                                                                              BiciSport Pilu Racing with Ernesto Colnago

                                                                              BiciSport Pilu Racing with Ernesto Colnago

Pilu Racing

BiciSport is proudly associated with the Pilu Racing team based at Freshwater in Sydney.

Pilu Racing Team includes -

Giovanni Pilu, Dean Gale, Jordan Reizes, Jeremy Hopson, Cat Haines, Alex Gardiner (HQ), John Dalzell

David Munro, Ian Cocks, Simon Lempriere, Brent Goddard (HQ), Mike Foster, Brett Cocks and Richard Bjorkman

Pilu Racing website can be viewed at:

                                                         BiciSport Happy Wheels Racing

                                                         BiciSport Happy Wheels Racing


BiciSport is proudly associated with the Happy Wheels Racing team based at Waterloo in Sydney. Associated sponsors include S-Phyre shoes, Kask helmets & Lazer sunglasses.

Team Manager is Mike O'Reilly on 0417 403 244 or email

Happy Wheels Racing Team includes -

Stewart & Mirielle Campbell, Conor Tarlington, Peter Budd, Ruth Strapp

William Peters, Patrick Conway, Rolly Delaytz, David Browne, Ben Elliott

Supported events during 2018 -

*  Note

  • Mike O'Reilly is overseas 19 March - 10 April and again 25 June - 10 July
  • Where possible accommodation will be co-ordinated if possible, but remains the direct responsibility of the individual.  

*  15 Feb - NSW Masters Track (DS - O'Reilly, Crouchley) (Riders - Cockerton, Smith, Bottero, Lawson)   

*  28 Feb - National Masters Track (DS - O'Reilly, Crouchley) (Riders - Cockerton, Smith, Lawson (tbc)

*  3 March - Tolland (Wagga) Open (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd, Tarlington)

*  18 Mar - Mansfield Tour (Vic) (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

2 Apr - Eric Mather Masters (ECR) (Riders - Budd)

*  8 Apr - NSW Road Championships (Berrima, NSW) (DS - tbc) (Riders - Tarlington)

*  20 Apr - Bathurst Weekend (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - Tarlington, Budd)

*  5 May - Cootamundra Open (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - Budd, Tarlington) 

12 May - Grafton to Inverell (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

*  12 May - South West Tour (Vic) (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - tbc)

27 May - Dinnerville Handicap (Dapto) (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

*  16 June - Gunnedah Weekend (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - Tarlington, Budd (tbc) 

24 June - Cervelo Masters #2 (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd) 

7 July - Penrith Sydney Championships (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

15 July - Cervelo Masters # 3 (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

21 July - Nowra Weekend (DS - Simmons, Crouchley, O'Reilly) (Riders - Nominated Teams)

29 July - Wagga to Albury (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

*  18 August - Cootamundra Open (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

*  30 August - UWCT Worlds (Varese, Italy) (Riders - Budd)

*  1 Sept - Sam Miranda Tour (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - tbc)

2 Sept - UCI Masters World Championships (Italy) (Riders - Budd)

*  8 Sept - Goulburn Weekend (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - tbc)

*  15 Sept - Amy Gillett Weekend (Vic) (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)

*  22 Sept - NSW Masters Road Championships (Orange) (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - Budd) 

*  3 Oct - National Masters Road Championships (DS - O'Reilly) (Riders - Budd)

*  6 Oct - World Masters Track Championships (Los Angeles) (Riders - Smith)

13 Oct - National Capital Tour (ACT) (DS - tbc) (Riders - tbc)

*  30 Nov - Bright Tour (Vic) (DS - tbc) (Riders - Budd)