WHERE Do I Start ?

Races organised in the Northside program are conducted by the following clubs - 

  • Northern Sydney, BiciSport, Manly Warringah, ATTA, & Central Coast clubs
  • Members of other clubs are most welcome to all events listed.

To compete in these races you need to be affiliated with a registered cycling club for insurance purposes. You can easily affiliate by contacting one of the Northside clubs.



  • all northside club races are cancelled in wet weather for safety reasons (with the exception of ATTA time trials at Calga).
  • If weather conditions are "doubtful" you should assume the event has been cancelled.
  • Club races allow entries "on the day" (no later than 30 minutes before the advertised starting times). Entry fees vary between $10 and $25.
  • BiciSport team members are requested to wear team clothing at all northside and CycNSW races (this is not a requirement when BiciSport members are out training)
  • Don`t forget to take your racing licence (or receipt of m`ship) with you to every race. This should be presented to the local race official at the sign-on entry desk.
  • Accredited Helmets - please note that the only helmets permitted to be used in competition must be Australian Standards (AS) approved helmets. Helmets that are Standards accredited carry a small silver sticker inside the helmet stating that fact. If you have purchased a helmet overseas or on the internet, it will in all likelihood not be Australian Standards approved and this will nullify your accident insurance at races. Race officials conduct random helmet checks for AS certification, and if not shown, your race entry will be refused.  


What grade do I ride when I have my first race ?

At your first few races you should -

  • enter C or D grade and see how you go
  • as you progress, and feel more comfortable, you can be promoted to a higher grade at a later date
  • it may take 5 or 6 races in C grade to get the swing of things


Some golden rules when you start racinG:

  • never look down when changing gears, or searching for a water bottle
  • never look around if you hear a crash behind you
  • dont overlap the (rear) wheel in front of you
Penrith Lakes Regatta Centre

Penrith Lakes Regatta Centre