Season Review - 2012 Road

The NSW Team Time Trial Championships in mid July had a bumper entry list & was a great promotion by CyclingNSW. In the Masters All Ages, the #1 team of Austin/Campbell/O`Brien/Glanville took the Bronze. The #2 team of Keane/Worby/O`Keefe finished 18th from 44 teams. In the Masters Women the team of Tierney/Truskett/Crabb/Dolton finished a strong 4th from 8 teams (just off the podium). In the Masters 150+ the #1 team of Baxter/Verhoeven/Lawson/Feltham finished 6th. The #2 team of Grainger/Tierney/Westbrook/Edwards finished 20th. The #3 team of Young/O`Reilly/Davis/LaRose finished 24th from 26 teams. BiciSport took 5th in the Club Teams classification from 22 clubs entered. Sincere thanks to Alex Simmons, Peter & Vicki Austin, Sharon Glanville, Cleo Higgins & Manu Savaraj for all of their assistance.

BiciSport started 20 entrants to the Masters State Road Championships in the Goulburn Region from 7-9 September. Sue Tierney took Gold in the Womens W5+ Road Race, then Silver in the 22k Time Trial. BiciSport finished 8th (from 56 clubs) in the Masters Shield competition where results from ITT, Crits and Road Races are combined to give an overall ranking.

BiciSport fielded a strong line up for the 2013 Road Nationals in the Goulburn Region in early October. Both Sue Tierney (W5) and Jays Austin (M3) took out their respective Champion of Champions awards. In the Individual Time Trial at Breadalbane - Sue Tierney took Gold in W5. In M3 - Stuart Campbell was 8th, Matt Glanville 20th. In M4 - Stephen Brown was 13th. In M6 - Mike Lawson was 9th, Graham Tierney 13th. The Criteriums were at the Marulan Driver Training Centre. Sue Tierney took Silver in W5. In M3 - Jays Austin demolished the field and took Gold. Matt Glanville rode well. In M4 - Geoff Baxter was headed for a top 5 placing but crashed. In M6 - Mike Lawson was 10th and Graham Tierney was a strong bunch finish. The Gunning road races featured some great racing - Sue Tierney took Silver in W5. In M3 - Jays Austin was 23rd, with Matt Glanville a bunch finish. In M5 - Peter Verhoeven was 23rd (bunch finish). In M6 - Mike Lawson was 16th, Graham Tierney 26th. In M8 - Peter Davis was top 15 and a bunch finish. 

Brock Roberts (Elite) rode the full 2012 Road season for the John West NRS Team from March through till September. 

Season Review - 2011/12 Track

At the World Masters Track Championships in Manchester in mid October - BiciSport took 2 Gold 5 Silver 1 Bronze plus set two World Records. The team consisted of Lise Benjamin, David Willmott, Mike Lawson & Rick McArdle. Lise took Gold in the ITT, set a WBT in 38.188secs, set a WBT in the 200m `fly` in 12.443secs, plus 2 Silver (in Sprint & Scratch), and Bronze in the Team Sprint. David took Gold in the Team Sprint, and 3 Silver (ITT, Sprint, Scratch).

Lise Benjamin was awarded the prestigeous CA Cyclist of the Year Award (for Female Masters) in mid November.

At the NSW Elite & Para Track Champs in early November, Alexandra Green took Silver in the ITT, with Lise Benjamin 5th in the Elites. The Elite Criterium Champs were held at DGV mid November, and Lise was 3rd in the Elites & Ben Simonelli 4th.

Alexandra Green took Silver in the WC4 Individual Pursuit at the National Para Track Championships in mid December in Adelaide. Alex gained selection to the World Para Track Championships in Los Angeles in February where Alex won Gold.

The NSW Masters Track Championships in early Feb saw BiciSport Masters take 7 Gold, 5 Silver & 7 Bronze medals. In the Mens categories - Individual Pursuit (Jays Austin & Mike Lawson took Silver). Sprint (David Willmott & Alan Townsend both took Gold), David Browne the Bronze. Time Trial (David Willmott & Alan Townsend both Gold, Peter Barnard & David Browne both Bronze). Points (Jays Austin Gold, Stewart Campbell Silver, Rick McArdle & David Browne a Bronze). Team Sprint (Silver to David Willmott, Peter Barnard & Alan Townsend). Scratch (David Willmott a Gold, then Bronze to David Browne & Mike O`Brien) - In the Womens categories - Lise Benjamin & Sue Tierney were both out injured.

BiciSport entered 3 teams in the NSW Masters Team Pursuit Championships in mid February. In the All Ages category the teams finished 1st and 6th. The #1 team of Jays Austin, Stewart Campbell, Rick McArdle & Mike O`Brien took the Gold. The #2 team of Stan Genakis, David Browne, George Lowe & Matt Glanville took 6th. In the 150+ category the team of Mike Lawson, Peter Barnard, Graham Tierney & John Crouchley took Silver by a narrow margin.

The Masters National Track Championships in late February `12 at Dunc Gray and the team took 10 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze medals and one World Best Time with Lise Benjamin. In the Time Trial - David Willmott, Lise Benjamin (WBT) and Alan Townsend took Gold, Peter Barnard a Bronze. In the Individual Pursuit - Mike Lawson Silver, Jays Austin the Bronze with Rick McArdle 4th and Mike OBrien 5th. In the Sprint - Gold to Alan Townsend, David Willmott & Lise Benjamin, with Silver to Peter Barnard. In the Team Sprint - Gold to both Lise Benjamin & David Willmott, Silver to Alan Townsend & Bronze to Peter Barnard. In the Points - Gold to Jays Austin, Silver to David Browne and 4th to Stewart Campbell. In the Teams Pursuit - Gold in the 150+ to Alan Townsend, Peter Barnard, David Willmott & Mike Lawson. Silver to Jays Austin, Stewart Campbell, Mike O`Brien & Rick McArdle. The team of Graham Tierney. Geoff Baxter, Peter Verhoven and Peter Harvey took 4th. David Willmott & Lise Benjamin received Champion of Champions awards in their respect category.