Season Review - 2006/07 Track

Donna Meehan collected three Gold medals at the Victorian State Track Championships (Derby, Time Trial & Scratch), and Paul Meehan collected Bronze in the Sprint. Jays Austin joined BiciSport in Feb 07, making Jays the third World Masters Track Champion in the team (together with David Willmott & Peter Barnard).

David Willmott (M5) & Donna Meehan (W4) were both awarded "2006 NSW Cyclist of the Year" in their respective Masters divisions by Cycling NSW in early 07.    

In the State Track Championships in Feb 07, BiciSport totally dominated the series with 15 Gold, 4 Silver & 2 Bronze medals. Andrew Burne, Alex Simmons, Phil McKnight & Alan Townsend won the Teams Pursuit in late January. Additionally, David Browne & David Willmott were triple gold medallists (Time Trial, Sprint & Points). Andrew Burne and Peter Barnard did the double Gold (Time Trial & Sprint). Alan Townsend collected another 2 Silver (Time Trial & Sprint). Jays Austin took Gold in the Pursuit, Silver in the Points. Donna Meehan won Gold (Sprint), Silver (Time Trial) and Bronze (Points). Brian Hopkins took Bronze (Time Trial). Paul Parker, David Willmott and Alan Townsend took Gold in the Team Sprint.

The success in the 07 State Championships carried over to the 07 National Championships held in Melbourne in late March. The BiciSport Masters set 5 outright Australian Track records, together with a medal count totalling 7 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Bronze. Gold medals were taken by - Peter Barnard (3), David Willmott (3), and Andrew Burne. Silver success went to Donna Meehan in the Derby. Bronze rewards went to Donna Meehan (2), Alan Townsend (2), and Alex Simmons (a great ride in the hotly contested Pointscore event).