Season review - 2013/14 Track

National Masters Track Championships March 2014

National Masters Track Championships March 2014

At the Sydney Metro Track Champs in early November - In M2/M3 - Matt Glanville took Gold and David Browne the Bronze. Alan Townsend took Gold in M4. David Willmott 4th in M6+. Geoff Baxter took 5th in the Clarence Street Cup in mid November.

At the NSW International Criteriums in early December at Cronulla and Wollongong - Stage 1 - Jays Austin took 2nd and Stuart Campbell 3rd with top 10 rides by Matt Glanville & Adam Socha. Stage 2 - Stuart Campbell was 4th and took the Series win for Masters. Both Jays and Matt finished in the top 10 in the Series.

At the NSW Masters Track Championships in mid February - Individual Pursuit - BiciSport 2 Gold 3 Silver 1 Bronze    

M3 - Jays Austin dominated the category and took Gold up against team mate Matt Glanville in the final for a Silver. Rick McArdle qualified 5th fastest. M4 - Danny Hennessy took Bronze. M5 - Geoff Baxter took the Silver and beaten by just 15 metres in the final. M6 - Peter Verhoeven now up a category in 2014 rode out of his skin to equal the fastest time in qualifying of 2min 30secs & took the Gold. M7 - Mike Lawson took the Silver, again beaten by just 15 metres in the final. Sprint - BiciSport 1 Gold 1 World Best Time 2 Silver 2 Bronze

M3 - Matt Glanville took a determined Bronze. M4 - Alan Townsend looked all class in M4 yet somehow walked away with a Silver. M5 - The best competition of the whole Championship was Geoff Baxter versus team mate Peter Barnard. Three of the best sprint heats you`re ever likely to see anywhere anytime. Geoff took Silver and Peter the Bronze. M7 - David Willmott went up a category this year to M7 and set about rewriting the record books. In the qualifying heat set a World Best Time for the M7 category and the Gold was a formality. David would be at impossible odds at the National Championships in mid March. Individual Time Trial & Points Races - BiciSport 7 Gold 1 Aust Best Time 2 Silver 2 Bronze. ITT M4 - Alan Townsend set the record straight and took Gold. M5 - Peter Barnard took Silver behind Geoff Stoker. M7 - David Willmott set an Australian Best Time for Gold.Women - Kirstie Pettit took the Silver. Point Races - Next stop is world domination with BiciSport taking 5 Gold medals in M3 (Jays Austin), M4 (Danny Hennessy), M5 (Geoff Baxter), M6 (Peter Verhoeven) and M7 (David Willmott). Matt Glanville (M3) and Mike Lawson (M7) took a deserving Bronze. Day 4 - Team Sprint & Scratch Races - 3 Gold 3 Silver 1 Bronze. Team Sprint - In the 135+ the team of Alan Townsend, David Willmott & Matt Glanville took Gold. Milly Phillips & Kirtstie Petittt took 8th. Scratch Races - M3 - Jays Austin did the attacking and Matt Glanville took a cracking Gold with Jays the Bronze. This was followed by 3 Silver medals across M4 (Danny Hennessy), M5 (Geoff Baxter) and M6 (Peter Verhoeven). Brad Mills rode well in M5 and Mike Lawson his usual proactive and attacking self in M7. Overall the BiciSport team performance in 2014 netted 13 Gold 10 Silver 6 Bronze medals plus a couple of new M7 records courtesy of David Willmott who is now up an age category. BiciSport has posted better outright results in 2009 (with 17/8/2 medal split) and in 2010 (with a 19/7/10 medal split) but these years were largely due to the dominating performance of the BiciSport womens team at that time. In 2014 the lads stumped up and carried the day for an outstanding team Championship result.

The NSW Masters Teams Pursuit was held early March. BiciSport took 1 Gold and 1 Silver. All Ages with Jays Austin, Matt Glanville, Danny Hennessy & Rick McArdle posted 3min 24.8secs in the qualifying heat against the Illawarra time of 3.23.3. All was set for a great final ride off between two very equal teams. Bici started the fastest and led by just 0.6secs after 4 laps. At 6 laps (of 12) it was all dead level, and at 8 laps the Illawarra team skipped out to a slender 0.75sec lead. At that point Illawarra shed a rider and Bici still had 4 riders on song and it was seriously close. With 2 laps to go the Illawarra lead was just 0.5secs and Bici looked like they were coming back into it with 1 lap to go. Half a lap to go and the commissaires inadvertently popped the finishing gun a half a lap early !!!! and total confusion reigned. On a countback the Gold was awarded to Illawarra with 3min 21.3secs and Bici accredited 3min 22.6secs for the Silver yet neither team rode the full 12 laps at maximum speed due to the confusion on the last lap. What a disappointing way to finish a great teams pursuit. 150+ and Illawarra again presented the main opposition and posted 2min 22.8secs in the qualifying heat. The Bici team of David Willmott, Geoff Baxter, Mike OBrien & Mike Lawson responded with a controlled 2min 22.5 in the heat and looked very much in control. In the final David Willmott upped the ante in the early laps and laid the foundation as the rest of the Bici team ripped out a very slick 2min 20.9secs for the Gold. Nice job one and all. A special thanks to Alex Simmons, Peter Verhoeven, Vicki and Peter Austin for arranging the training sessions and making it all happen.

The National Masters Track Championships were held from 12-15 March at the DISC Velodrome in Melbourne. Day 1 - Time Trial & Team Sprint - BiciSport 1 Gold 2 Silver. BiciSport collected 1 Gold with David Willmott and Silver with Alan Townsend in the Individual TT then David, Alan & Matt Glanville teamed up for a Silver in the Team Sprint. TT M2 - Oliver Dharma Ratne 6th, M3 - Matt Glanville 4th, Jays Austin 8th  W3 - Martinette Van Vuuren 6th M4 - Alan Townsend Silver, M7 - David Willmott Gold. Team Sprint - David Willmott, Alan Townsend Matt Glanville Silver. Day 2 - Sprint M1-4 Pursuit M5-10, W1-8 - BiciSport 1 Bronze Sprint M4 - Alan Townsend took Bronze Pursuit M5 - Geoff Baxter 4th M6 - Peter Verhoeven 4thM7 - Mike Lawson 4th. Day 3 - Pursuit M1-4, Sprint M5-10 W1-8 - BiciSport 2 Gold 1 Bronze. Pursuit M2 - Alex Arancibia learnt a lot and finished 8th, Oliver Dharma Ratne finished an excellent 4th, W3 - Martinette Van Vuuren took 5th M3 - Jays Austin took Gold, Matt Glanville Bronze & Rick McArdle qualified 5th (and a PB) M4 - Danny Hennessy took 6th, SprintW3 Martinette took 5th SprintM5 - Geoff Baxter qualified 7th SprintM7 - David Willmott took Gold. Day 4 - Points & Teams Pursuit - BiciSport 2 Gold 3 Silver 1 Bronze. Points M2 - Oliver Dharma Ratne Silver Alex Arancibia 5th, M3 -  Matt Glanville Silver, Jays Austin 7th, M4 - Danny Hennessy Silver, M5 - Geoff Baxter Gold, M6 - Peter Verhoeven 8th, M7 - Mike Lawson 8th.Teams Pursuit All Ages Jays Austin, Matt Glanville, Rick McArdle, Danny Hennessy took Gold in 3min 22secs after posting 3-25 in the heat. Alex Arancibia & Oliver Dharma Ratne took 4th. 150+ Geoff Baxter, Mike Lawson & Peter Verhoeven took 4th. Martinette Van Vuuren teamed up in a composite team and took the Bronze. The Nationals netted BiciSport 5 Gold, 5 Silver 2 Bronze for an outstanding club result with BiciSport finishing 4th no less than 8 times. Special thanks to John Crouchley and Peter & Vicki Austin.

Matinette Van Vuuren rode the South African National Track Championships in early April and won 3 Gold medals in the Masters category.