Season Review - 2007/08 Track

The Track Team Pursuit squad finished second at the State Track Championships in February 08. The team being Andrew Burne, Phil McKnight, Stuart Millar and Alan Townsend.

The State Track Championships in March 08 saw BiciSport take 11 Gold, 9 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. Andrew Burne (M2) continued to dominate the kilo time trial, Michelle Crawford took 3 Gold, and Mike Popplewell took 2 Gold. The Gold medallists included Andrew Burne, Michelle Crawford (3), Mike Popplwell (2), David Willmott & the Team Sprint team. Remaining medallists were Alan Townsend, Peter Barnard, Donna Meehan, Mike Lawson, Phil McKnight, Jays Austin, Michael O`Brien & John Crouchley.

The Metropolitian Track Championships at Tempe Velodrome in early April 08 saw the squad take another 9 wins, including Andrew Burne (2), Alan Townsend (2), Peter Barnard (3) and David Willmott (2). Medal placings went to Michael O`Brien, Michael Popplewell, Alan Townsend, Mike Lawson and Andrew Burne.

Andrew Burne was awarded the 2007 Masters Team Award at the annual Australian Sports Awards.

The Track Nationals were held late April 08 at the Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney. Four BiciSport riders were officially selected for the NSW State team - Peter Barnard, Donna Meehan, David Willmott & Michelle Crawford. Overall the track squad again dominated with 7 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. Time trial wins went to Andrew Burne, Peter Barnard & David Willmott, with podium placings to David Browne, Michelle Crawford & Donna Meehan. In the Pursuit - Michelle Crawford took the win, Mike Lawson a Silver medal by the narrowest of margins, and John Crouchley in 3rd place. The Points race - wins to Michelle Crawford, and a Silver medal to David Browne. The Team Sprint saw the Gold medal to Andrew Burne/David Willmott/Peter Barnard, plus the Silver to Allan Townsend & Mike Popplewell. In the Sprint - Peter Barnard took the win, with podium placings to Andrew Burne, Michelle Crawford & Mike Popplewell.