World Masters Track - 2007

BiciSport had three World Masters Track Champions before the 07 Championships were held in Sydney (David Willmott, Peter Barnard & Jayson Austin), and this became four with Andrew Burne after his Sydney success. Michelle Crawford also took Gold in the Pursuit, and joined BiciSport from January 08. 

The BiciSport results from WMT 07 totalled 13 medals -

Andrew Burne (3) - Gold in the Time Trial & Team Sprint, and Bronze in the Sprint. Andrew was awarded with the `Masters Team` trophy at the Australian Sports Awards in Feb 08.

*  Peter Barnard (3) - Gold in the Sprint, Silver in the Time Trial, Bronze in the Team Sprint

*  David Willmott (3) - Silver in both the Time Trial and Sprint, Bronze in the Team Sprint

*  Alan Townsend (1) - Bronze in the Team Sprint

*  Michelle Crawford (1) - Gold in the Pursuit

*  Donna Meehan (2) - Silver in both the Time Trial and Scratch