Sue Tierney has won 8 Australian Masters Road Championships in Individual Time Trial, Criterium & Road Race

Sue Tierney has won 8 Australian Masters Road Championships in Individual Time Trial, Criterium & Road Race

BiciSport Membership


For 2018

WELCOME To the Following new Members

Damien Bottero (from Northern Sydney CC)

Peter Budd (from Griffith CC)

Melissa Budd (from Griffith CC)


Anthony Colantonio (to Manning Valley CC)

Peter Livingstone (to Manly CC)

*  David Meacham (to Manly CC)

Paul Curgenven (to Manly CC)

Colin Edmonds (to Manly CC)

Katie Brown (to St George CC) 

Sue & Graham Tierney (to Alpine CC, Bright Vic)


How do I join BiciSport or renew my current membership ?

Your have two options. The on-line option (option 1) is the preferred way to go. 

Option 1 - do it on line

  • click on the `Membership` tab at the top of the webpage
  • Go to the `Member Log In` tab
  • Go to `New Members`
  • click through to `New Registration` to join BiciSport on-line
  • select the `Cycling New South Wales` & `BiciSport` prompts
  • select the desired membership category
  • Confirm the Terms & Conditions (tick the bottom box) 
  • complete the individual name/contact details section
  • make the membership payment (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • CA will email you an email receipt
  • Print off a copy of the email receipt (to produce to local race officials until the plastic license arrives via Australia Post)

Option 2 - pick up a form & write a cheque

  • email Mike O`Reilly at
  • Mike will send the forms out to you in the Australia Post mail


What happens then ?

 If you join on-line Cycling Australia will automatically issue a receipt via email as a membership confirmation.

Print off this email receipt and take it with you to each race (as a membership receipt) until your plastic CA-BiciSport license arrives via Australia Post about 3 weeks later. Note - you can race immediately upon receiving the interim receipt via email from Cycling Australia or BiciSport.  


The membership categories are -

Gold Racing License - a full competitive licence, which covers all northside club racing plus track & road events, and all National & State Championships. Renewal terms are on a calendar basis - meaning 1 October of the previous year to 31 December of the following year. However, there are options with this full Racing licence (see below). 

Silver Ride Licence - designed for recreational riders, cyclo sportives, gran fondos, social & charity rides, selected time trials, club training & coffee shop rides. Renewal terms are on a rolling renewal basis

Platinium License [for Club VIPs] - designed for non racing members who provide their time as officials, commissaires, club administrators and coaches    

Please note:

If you take out a Masters Gold Racing licence - this enables you to:

  • enter Masters events
  • enter Club events
  • enter NSW Open events, but
  • restricts Masters riders from contesting Elite Championships

If you take out an Elite Gold Racing licence - this enables you to:

  • enter ANY racing event (including Elite Championship events),
  • contest any Masters category Championships in the same year (for the over 30s).
  • this has a significant positive impact on riders who hold Elite licences - they are now eligible to race in all Masters events in Australia.              

Racing licence renewal term options are -

  • Racing 15 month option - from 1 October (of the previous year) to 31 December (essentially 15 months membership for the price of 12 months), or
  • Racing 6 month option - from 1 July (at reduced rates), out to 31 December of that same year. Six monthly fees are -
    • Elite - $198 (club retains $20)
    • J19, Masters (under 65 yrs) - $132 (club retains $10)
    • J17, Masters (over 65 years) - $77 (club retains $10) 

BiciSport membership fees are -

BiciSport retains between $5-$24 of the fees listed below to cover club registration fees (with CyclingNSW), team entry fees to the NSW Team Time Trial Championships (Track & Road) and BiciSport website support and upgrade costs.

Gold Racing licence

  • Elite Men & Women - B`day during 1986 to 1996 - $315  (club retains $24)  
  • Masters 1 to 7 - B`day during 1985 to 1951 - $242  (club retains $24)  
  • Masters 8 plus - B`day during 1950 then before - $145  (club retains $12)
  • Junior Under 19 - B`day during 1997 & 1998 - $242  (club retains $24) 
  • Junior Under 17 - B`day during 1999 & 2000 - $145  (club retains $12) 
  • Junior Under 15 - B`day during 2001 & 2002 - $145  (club retains $12)
  • Junior Under 13 - B`day during 2003 & 2004 - $66  (club retains $11)

Platinium (Club VIP) License

  • All categories - $34  (club retains $7) 

Day Permits

  • Club Racing - $33 (Day Permits exclude Interclubs, Opens, some Championships)


BiciSport at the DGV Velodrome

BiciSport at the DGV Velodrome

Cycling Australia Insurance Benefits 

Your annual Cycling Australia licence also includes Insurance coverage applicable whilst performing duties related to Cycling Australia. In broad terms this cover also applies to organised club rides & training activities prepared or endorsed by a CA accredited coach. This insurance cover does not cover you when you are overseas. Seperate cover is required when travelling overseas.

In summary, the Insurance Policy benefits are -

  • $20m public liability cover
  • $5m professional indemnity cover
  • personal accident insurance (capital benefits of $10,000) 
  • loss of income insurance ($200 per week, capped at 52 weeks/$2,000)
  • several exclusions include - private health insurance, income protection, life insurance, workers compensation, compulsory third party insurance, trauma/disablility insurance 

For further insurance coverage details contact Cycling Australia.