Conor Tarlington at the Tour of Bright

                                                          Conor Tarlington at the Tour of Bright


CyclingNSW has a simple way to handicap (or rank) all NSW registered club riders for CyclingNSW Open category road events.

  • CyclingNSW has created a ranking system based on a 100k road race - with the handicap split into 10 bunches from Bunch 1 (Scratch mark) to Bunch 10 (Limit mark).
  • What Bunch would you ride in a 100k road handicap ?. This relates to a road race handicap and not a criterium. 
  • Each Bunch (from 1 to 10) has been assigned a IMG computer code (noted on your IMG personal record)
  • The IMG codes are not State or Club grades. The Bunch number is much more important (see below).
  • The Bunch/IMG codes are -
  • Bunch 1 (Scratch Bunch) - IMG code A1/A2/A3
  • Bunch 2 - B1/B2
  • Bunch 3 - B3/C1
  • Bunch 4 - C2/C3
  • Bunch 5 - D1/D2
  • Bunch 6 - D3/E1
  • Bunch 7 - E2/E3
  • Bunch 8 - F1/F2
  • Bunch 9 - F3/G1
  • Bunch 10 (Limit Bunch) - G2/G3  
  •  These 10 Bunches don`t relate to local Club racing grades or Waratah Masters club gradings (State rankings & Club grades are not directly comparable).
  • BiciSport (State) rankings are updated monthly & sent to the Cycling NSW State handicapper (Mike O`Reilly). Mike has been the NSW State Handicapper since May 2015.
  • Should you have an issue with your BiciSport (State) ranking please contact Mike O`Reilly on 0417 403 244 or at


BiciSport State Bunch Rankings at 1 AUGUST 2017

These State grades are refreshed monthly based on latest results

Bunch 1 (Scratch BUNCH) 

*  Livingstone (Team Mobius)

Bunch 2

*  Lowes, Hopson, Tarlington

Bunch 3

*  Campbell, Delaytz, Munro, Coy, Cocks, Goddard

Bunch 4

*  Foster, Speizer, Pilu, Gale, Smith M (DGV), Reizes

*  Lempriere, Pines, Cocks (Brett), Green (Tom)

Bunch 5

*  Colantonio, Cockerton, Groen, Haughey

*  Crosby, Bjorkman, Elliot, O'Sullivan, Peters

Bunch 6

*  O'Brien, Forster, Edwards, Mildren

*  Simonelli (DGV), Zumbo, Evangilides

Bunch 7

*  Curgenven, Edmonds, Brown (Stephen), Verhoeven

*  Browne (David) (DGV), Thornton, Lawson, Adcock

Bunch 8

*  Tierney (Graham), Cooper (David), Mills, Grainger, Westbrook

*  Tierney (Sue), Wright, Haines (W), Kibble, Karai (DGV), Preeto (W)  

Bunch 9

*  Hoad, Cooper (John), Crouchley, Elderfield, Meacham, Stupka, Beams (W), Kee (W), Walsh (W)

*  Robb, Strapp (W), Flanagan (W), Benjamin (W), Dolton (W), Edwards (W), Mildren (W), Cocks (Graeme)

Bunch 10 (Limit Mark)

*  Simmons,  Neville,  Davis, Smith (Nigel)

*  Bruhn (W), Robinson (W), Dixon (Stephen)

Please note -

  • these rankings relate to your State Open Bunch and not your local Northside or Waratah Club grade, 
  • why the difference ? - State rankings are generally much harder than say Northside or Waratah

Club grades -

for example,

  • if you ride say Northside "A" grade at Mt Ku Ring gai criteriums then you can`t expect to automatically receive State "A" grade - you may well receive a lower State ranking. 
  • if you ride in the Masters division, irrespective of your Northside grade, only exceptional Masters are ranked Bunch 2 or Bunch 3. Generally, the better Masters are ranked Bunch 2 or lower and the majority are ranked Bunch 4 or lower.  

So what is a Cycling NSW State "Division" ?

This is where State events (as per above) are merged to form single "Divisions". 

Why Divisions ?

This is done for traffic management purposes by the individual State event promoters (generally country road events), where there is insufficient entries in one State grade - these State grades are then merged on a case by case basis with other grades to form "Division" races. This is done to comply with NSW Police requirements for the conduct of safe & manageable road races on country roads.

Please be mindful that the country "Division" that you race in can vary between events (as the number of event entries does in itself vary) - you may be Division 2 one week, but be placed in Division 3 the following week.

Rolly Delaytz wins at Heffron Park

Rolly Delaytz wins at Heffron Park